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Quantum Software Engineering

Anaqor delivers PlanQK – the next generation platform to integrate, deploy, advance, and monetize quantum code.

We partner with universities and companies pioneering the applications of quantum computers to equip developers, users and engineers with the resources that give them an edge in building profitable quantum applications.

Frictionless Quantum Software

You know how to program your hardware in the SDK of your choice.

You have built a prototype and are now looking for customers who want to buy your service.

What you are missing is the ability to deploy it on a quantum computer as a service in the cloud. Focus on your expertise, PlanQK takes care of the rest!

Quantum Marketplace

PlanQK connects quantum value chain players with a platform to advance and monetize quantum services.

By making quantum services easily available, a critical gap in the quantum value chain is closed.

Whether you are a quantum developer, an industrial user, or research team – PlanQK provides your team with a working environment that is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into your daily activities.

Integrate Quantum

Integrate Quantum

Quantum computing is no longer a technology of the future, but an actual tool to help you to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through our fully integrated PlanQK platform we help customers to get started with quantum applications quickly.

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