Quantum startup Quantagonia is PlanQK associated partner

The quantum startup based in Bad Homburg is best known for its innovative solutions that work both on classical and quantum hardware. By partnering with Anaqor, Quantagonia makes their product, the HybridSolver, available within the PlanQK Community.

The HybridSolver is a mathematical optimization solver using a cutting edge classical and quantum approach to tackle complex optimization problems. It delivers a great performance on today’s computers and an on-ramp to incredible performance with quantum computers.

Anaqor Chief Technological Officer and PlanQK Platform Architect Michael Falkenthal says about the partnership:

“Our collaboration with Quantagonia showcases how a vibrant, healthy quantum ecosystem made in Europe can look like. We are extremely proud to collaborate with successful players to make the latest quantum technology accessible for businesses of all sizes.”

CEO of Quantagonia Dirk Zechiel comments:

“We are excited to join forces with Anaqor and combine the power of our innovative HybridSolver with the dynamic PlanQK platform and thriving community that they have built up as a lighthouse project in Germany. This partnership will open up new opportunities and provide an unparalleled problem-solving experience for our partners and users.”