Bayern Innovativ and PlanQK at the World of QUANTUM 2023

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize various industries in several ways. For example, quantum computing can optimize supply chain operations including routing, scheduling, and inventory management. By leveraging quantum algorithms, supply chains can be optimized to minimize costs, reduce transportation time, and improve overall efficiency, leading to significant savings for businesses.

While there is a growing interest and momentum towards leveraging quantum computing for various industries, the practical applications in the German industry are limited to specific use cases and experimental projects for the moment. Together with our partner Bayern Innovativ, we want to unlock further quantum potential for German industries and enable early-stage applications of quantum computing in the energy, logistics, mobility, finance, and manufacturing industries.

At this year’s World of QUANTUM on June 27th – 28th in Munich, Bayern Innovativ together with the German lighthouse project PlanQK will be presenting industry-specific use cases of quantum. Additionally, Anaqor will present a use case how logistic companies can integrate quantum applications easily into their existing software and processes using PlanQK.

The agenda will be moderated by David Niehaus, Anaqor COO and community manager at PlanQK together with Dr. Andreas Böhm, Head of Thinknet Quantentechnologie at Bayern Innovativ and Christoph Karl, project manager of Thinknet Quantentechnologie at Bayern Innovativ.

About Bayern Innovativ

Since its foundation in 1995, Bayern Innovativ GmbH has been an important part of the innovation policy of Bavaria. We network, promote and advise companies, scientific institutions and organizations. Our Thinknet Bayern comprises more than 75,000 players. The result is a dynamic, cross-industry knowledge transfer around a variety of NEB-relevant topics, including new materials, new forms of construction, sustainable energy systems, future mobility, health and digitization. All our activities focus in particular on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.