Anaqor partners with hqic to foster community building between regional and national levels

(Berlin, May 2nd, 2023) – Anaqor is excited to announce its admission to Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital, short hqic, an initative based in Hamburg that brings together players from science, business and society to drive innovation in the quantum field.

This partnership, which coincides with hqic joining Anaqor’s PlanQK initiative as an associated partner, is a significant step to integrate regional initiatives with the wider quantum computing community.

„At Anaqor, we believe that collaboration is key to driving progress within the sphere of quantum computing innovation“ said David Niehaus, Co-Founder and COO of Anaqor. „That’s why we’re thrilled to be joining hqic and working alongside other like-minded organizations to build a stronger, more connected quantum computing community. Initiatives like hqic play a vital role among those working in quantum computing research and development as they enable connection and knowledge transfer. We look forward to contributing our expertise and knowledge to achieve a positive impact for the quantum computing community.”

As part of the collaboration, Anaqor will participate in several events hosted by hqic. This will provide the opportunity for Anaqor to share its insights and expertise from the PlanQK project, a German lighthouse project that was initiated in 2019 and provides the technological foundation to connect players across the quantum value chain to easily access quantum computing resources.

“Looking at the applicability and general availability of QC-applications, we see great potential in the community-powered PlanQK quantum platform and thus, are truly excited about our collaboration with Anaqor. Together, we can amplify the efforts towards our common goal of constantly growing and strengthening the successful QC-ecosystem in Germany and Europe.” Alois Krtil, CEO of Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital (hqic)

About hqic

The Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital (hqic) is a regional initiative by the City of Hamburg and serves as a central contact, coordinator and ecosystem builder for quantum technology activities in the metropolitan region. By connecting science, business, and society, hqic aims to support knowledge and technology transfer, create partnerships, and promote Hamburg as an international quantum hubspot.


About Anaqor

Anaqor is a software-focused quantum start up based in Berlin and Stuttgart founded to enable innovators who build and use tomorrow’s quantum solutions. In 2019, Anaqor initiated PlanQK – the first community-powered quantum platform and ecosystem supported by the German government and trusted to date by more than 100 organizations. PlanQK provides the technological foundation to connect all players involved in the quantum value chain to push together the boundaries of what’s possible today and create the biggest impact for society.